גלאי WatchOUT DT / PIR

גלאי WatchOUT DT PIR
WatchOUT™ Outdoor Detectors provide the ultimate in reliable outdoor protection. WatchOUT™ is unique in its ability to recognize and distinguish between real intrusion events and the numerous false alarm causes inherent in the unstable outdoor environment.

WatchOUT™ provides selective event recognition utilizing:
  • Sway Recognition Technology that uses two microwave channels to recognize and exclude objects that sway, such as bushes and tree limbs.
  • Digital Correlation Technology that uses two PIR channels with interlacing detection patterns. Only targets creating a similar and correlated signal in both PIR channels are taken into account.
WatchOUT Features & Benefits:
  • Sway Recognition Technology for recognizing and eliminating targets that sway but don’t move more than a set distance (bushes, tree limbs, etc.)
  • Digital Correlation Technology for eliminating false alarms from pets, reflections and rapid temperature changes
  • Optional integrated camera
  • 1.0m to 2.7m installation height
  • A wide range of swivels for wall, pole, or barrier applications
  • High security features include active IR anti-mask and anti-vandal wire protection for all brackets
  • IP65 environment rating
  • Extensive remote control and diagnostics when installed with Rokonet’s ProSYS Integrated Security System
  • 4 active IR channels for Anti-Mask and “Dirty Lens” alerts
  • Microwave "Anti-Collision" enables adjacent detector installations
  • Protective shielding for blocking out white light, allowing only IR energy to reach PIR sensors
  • Hood - provides protection from sun, rain, snow, hail and birds