מערכת LF RDR - Master

מערכת LF RDR - Master
A ceiling-mounted device enabling tag detection in exit locations or other specific zones of a building. The device transmits low frequency signals detected within a range of 2 to 3 meters by low frequency receivers of IRFID tags. As soon as LF RDR signals are identified, an IRFID data message including the ID number of the RDR is triggered and transmitted. This information enables the precise location of the tag.
In order to enlarge the range of detection, an enhanced system employing two LF RDRs in the same area is used. The main device, called the LF RDR - Master, functions in conjunction with a second device, the LF RDR - Slave.The LF RDR - Master can also function as a single independent unit.

The Master has two connections – via AWG26 cable RJ11-4 to the Slave and regular RDR connection AWG26 cable RJ11-6 to the standard LONWORK network.

  • Connections: * AWG26 cable RJ11-6 regular connection to standard LONWORK network (nearby EJB) * AWG26 cable RJ11-4 connection to LF RDR - Slave See diagram below.
  • Power source: 18-24 V Note: Connection can be to RDR network, but only within voltage limits defined above.
  • Power consumption: Less than 3W.
  • Downlink low frequency: 125 khz.
  • Downlink low frequency format: 3 bytes (preamble LF RDR# and CRC).
  • Bit rate: 2000 bits per second.
  • Settings: 8 position dual-in line switch within the RDR.
  • Low frequency power transmission: Less than 60 dbμV at 30 meters.
  • Dimensions 17 x 4 cm